School Policy Guide

School Policy Guide for K-12 Educators

The ‘School Policy Guide for K-12 Educators’ was designed to provide school administrators with resources to support LGBTQ+ students in their schools. Each chapter within this binder contains journal articles, research summaries, education policies, and action items such as checklists that can be utilized by superintendents, principals, and teachers. A list of resources can be found in the final chapters.

Educators are welcome to print and copy all materials in the binder. APPRECOTS has obtained copyright permissions for nonprofit distribution. For more information, or to share how you are using the materials in your school, please contact

Note:  The acronym ‘SOGI’ (which stands for ‘Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’) is often used throughout the binder in place of LGBTQ+ for the sake of brevity and inclusiveness.

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