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Transforming ideas into outcomes 

APPRECOTS is fortunate to work with a wide range of client organizations in the public and private sectors, from small programs to large government agencies.  Our clients represent the fields of mental health, education, physical health, criminal justice, and other human service areas. 

Our work is grounded in understanding diverse service systems, valid and reliable evaluation methods, and current behavioral and social science research.  Blending this knowledge allows us to design and support state of the art programming. 

APPRECOTS specializes in several applied research categories, including:

  • Needs Assessment and Strategic Planning

  • Development of Evidence-Based Programs

  • Workforce Training

  • Clinical Outcomes Assessment

  • Quality Data Collection and Evaluation

  • Program Support Coaching

  • Fidelity Reviews

  • Grant Writing




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Focus Areas

applied behavioral treatment & support

Behaviors take energy. Since all living organisms are hard-wired to use energy for growth and gain, behaviors are completed to get needs met.

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clinical outcomes assessment

Our focus on evidence based practices and attention to data allows us to assist stakeholders with products that withstand critical scrutiny. Apprecots specializes in data analytics...

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Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a method of having a conversation with someone to help them increase motivation and strengthen commitment...

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Apprecots creates and implements programming for sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) minority youth who are involved with multiple systems of care...

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