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Data Collection, Outcome Management, and Evaluation Strategies

APPRECOTS understands the importance of using data to demonstrate results and help programs reach their goals. We follow a systematic and scientifically-based process to understand a program’s needs and strengths and design an individualized data collection and evaluation strategy. An array of different data analytic methods are always used to gain deep insights into areas of interest, and APPRECOTS analysts collaborate with programs to interpret findings. Reports can be tailored to different target audiences including funders, program leadership, and participants.

APPRECOTS can help your organization highlight the difference it is making using:

  • Surveys (written and web-based)

  • Focus Groups

  • Secondary Data Analysis

  • In-Depth Interviews

  • Document Reviews

  • Process and Outcome Evaluation

  • Data Visualization



APPRECOTS uses research best practices, needs assessments, and other similar tools to design evidence-based programming to meet the needs of your organization. Working closely with our clients, we ensure we fully understand the existing context and evidence base relevant to any project, then build on this through quantitative and qualitative methods to deliver unique insights.

APPRECOTS also works with currently practicing programs to address problems and support quality improvement initiatives. All APPRECOTS staff are trained in the NIATx model of process improvement and can facilitate the process of planning for, instituting, and measuring program change initatives.

Program development and program improvement work best as collaborative processes, and APPRECOTS will work with all stakeholders to define, develop, and refine program elements until outcomes are achieved.



APPRECOTS has experienced trainers available for the following topics: