(Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity)

APPRECOTS strives to advocate for LGBTQ+ individuals and provide accurate information and resources related to sexual orientation and gender identity. As the chair of the Saginaw County Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Youth Advocacy Council (SOGI YAC), APPRECOTS is able to take part in assessing needs of local LGBTQ+ youth and provide outreach and support for therapists, case managers, educators, families, and other community members.

Pride 2019: The month of June was chosen for Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots which celebrated it’s 50th anniversary on June 28th, 2019. This year, SOGI YAC joined other community agencies at the Great Lakes Loons Pride Game and the Great Lakes Bay Pride Fest. SOGI YAC offered local resources, shared survey results from the 2018 SOGI YAC Survey, and asked attendees to “Write a Positive Message to Local Youth”. Over 500 messages were collected at the events.


The Saginaw Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Youth Advocacy Council (SOGI YAC) is a group of local leaders and advocates who want to use their cross-system influence to build a safer and more affirming community for youth in Saginaw County. SOGI YAC’s mission is to identify risks and explore needs for SOGI youth in our community with a focus on collaboration, education, outreach, and support.

SOGI Youth Surveys

SOGI YAC developed and distributed surveys for 2016, 2017, and 2018 to better understand needs and challenges that LGBTQ+ face.

Published survey data can be found below.


School Resources

Click below to access a free School Policy Guide for administrators, an interactive map of LGBTQ+ students in Michigan schools, and other resources.

SOGI Resources and Additional Information

Educators, families, and community members can use the resources and additional information on sexual orientation and gender identity provided below.